Myofascial Release

All massage has an effect on the Myofascia surrounding the muscles and joints of the body. It is an ‘elastic’ connective tissue that surrounds and separates bundles of muscle. Massage moves and stretches these tissues, enabling greater Lymphatic and blood flow, breaking down fibrosis and reducing localised swelling.

But a targeted Myofascial release to a painful, injured or restricted portion of tissue involves understanding the movement action of the muscle involved; the direction of the fibres and how and where to place a ‘lock or tension’ slowly and deeply within the muscle, with for instance your elbow. Then either passively or with the client actively moving in such a way as to stretch the tissue under the pressure of the ‘lock or tension’, thus breaking down any adhesions between the layers of tissue at this very localised spot.

This can be very effective at releasing the commonly injured lateral thigh muscles, that have suffered “corks” from Rugby and Football.

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